Amazon Fire TV Devices

First you have to enable "downloads from unknown sources" and "debugging mode" in the developer options.


Go to



Developer Options.

Set both to ON

Then follow this.


1. Install an app called DOWNLOADER, by searching for it on the firestick home screen.


On the magnifying glass on the top left corner of the home screen type DOWNLOADER.


Scroll down to "downloader" in the suggestions below.


Click it.


You will be taken to a download screen.


Once installed enable JavaScript from the SETTINGS menu on the left hand side of the screen on the Downloader app.


My Firre TV. 

Developer Options. 

Install apps from unknown sources.

Downloader: ALLOW


If you don't have developer options, go to: Settings > My Fire TV > About > Highlight Your Firestick Model > And Click The Select Button 7 Times. When you press the back button the developer options should be there.


2. Open the Downloader app and enter/type this url: []

Into the address box.


3. Select install and then select Open once it's installed.


4. Open the LTQ app and Enter username and password provided on your welcome email.


5. You are ready to go. Enjoy!



Note: To make the app appear on your fire device home screen if it isn't there.


Press and hold in the house button until a screen takes over your screen.


Select apps and scroll down to the bottom of the list


Don't click it, just highlight it.


Then press the button with the 3 lines on your fire remote and select move to front.


The app will then appear on your home screen.

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